Friday, September 28, 2012


August was an eventful month for us.  
Our August started with the Gandee Family Reunion.  This is Kyle's Grandma Gillespie's side of the family.  We were able to spend time with lots of family that I (and even Kyle!) had never met until that day.  We had a lot of fun.  We played at Eagle Island, ate lots of food, and Kyle's cousin even came with her band and played for us! 
Then we took a week long trip to Coeur d'Alene.  We went camping on the beach for a few days and then Kyle's cousin Karissa got married!  We also got to see Kyle's brother Curtis and his wife Stephanie while we were there.  We missed them!  We couldn't have asked for a better time.  
The month ended with my Sister Jackie, her husband Grant, and their kids Blake, Megan, Paige and Jason coming to visit from Texas!  It's a fun time when we get to see them, because it doesn't happen very much these days. :( We miss them, but we soak up the time while they are here!  We went to the Boise State scrimmage, spent lots of time just talking and catching up, and then we went to Roaring Springs for an afternoon!  Also, I got to take their family photos.  For some reason, those are some of the only photos I got of Jackie and Grant's family while they were here, so I'll share some of those just for good measure.  

Because I'm too lazy to put my photos in the correct order, you get to see them like this.  These photos are from our trip to CDA!

Beck getting some much needed Curtis and Stephanie time.  We hadn't seen them since Beck was 8 months old!
Beck and Grandma Hardy
Beck's first frog gets better.  Don't worry!

The frog spectators!


'Grandpa' Randy and Ellie.
The girls tubing!
Beck riding the jetski with Grandpa Hardy
Just snacking...what a view!
Some of the cousins.  Sorry, it's blurry.  It's my fault.

Beck's nighttime baseball game.

Getting ready to go home.
Kelli, Linda, and Rick at Karissa's wedding!
Curtis and Steph getting their groove on.
Happy Wedding Day, Karissa!!

Some sort of family photo...

Here's some photos from the Gandee Family Reunion!

Here's some photos from Jackie and Grant's visit to Boise:

Ok, so other than the family photo these aren't the REAL pictures I took.  (I mean, I took them, but you get what I mean.)  I just think they are funny.

Miss you all!!

Well, this sums it up.  It was a crazy month!  Thanks, everyone, for sharing it with us!!